Rules of the Society

Article - I


  • 1(a). "Society" shall mean the Indian Society for Medical Statistics.
    1(b). "Council" shall mean the Executive Council of ISMS.
    1(c). "Committee" shall mean the Executive Committee of ISMS.
    1(d). "Member" shall mean a person or institution, duly elected by the Executive Committee on behalf of ISMS.
    1(e). "Fellow" shall mean, unless otherwise specified, Fellow of the Society.
    1(f). "Journal" shall mean the journal of the Society

Article - II


  • 2. The Society shall consist of members whose names are on the Membership Register of the Society maintained by the General Secretary

Article - III


  • 3. The registered office of the Society shall be located at the Department of Biostatistics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110 029. The office of the Society shall be located at the place of work of the General Secretary. The offices of the Treasurer and Editor shall be located at their respective places of work.

Article - IV

Register of Members

  • 4. There shall be a Register in which the names of all Members of the Society shall be entered with their addresses. The General Secretary shall enter the name of the newly elected Member in the Register and inform the fat of such entry to the Member concerned. The Member shall be deemed to have been elected from the date of his election by the Executive Committee. The category of the membership shall be determined by the Committee at the time of election of the Member.

Article - V

Classification of Members

  • 5. There shall be four classes of membership, namely, Student Member, Annual Member, Life Member and Institutional Member. The membership status of a Member shall be determined only by the Executive committee of the Society. Membership of the Society shall be open to any graduate in any discipline who subscribes to the objective of the Society, irrespective of race, religion, sex, political affiliation or nationality. In addition, any scientific society, institution and human welfare organization may be elected to the Institutional membership of the Society.
    a) Student Member: Those students who are eligible for membership of the Society and pay student membership dues annually.
    b) Life Member: Those who are eligible for membership of the Society and pay life membership dues.
    c) Annual Member: Those who are eligible for Society's membership and pay annual membership dues.
    d) Institutional Member: Those scientific societies, institutions human welfare organizations, which pay annual institutional membership dues.
    There shall be no provision of electing the Life Student Member or Life Institutional Member. Institutional membership shall be made in the name of Head of the Institution or Society concerned. Those intending to seek Society's membership under category 5(a) will have to send proof about their status as a student along with the application form.

Article - VI

Election of Members

  • 6. Any person desirous of becoming a Member shall make an application in the prescribed form to the General Secretary along with membership fees. His/Her application will be put up for consideration and election by the Executive Committee. This provision shall also apply to organization/ society desirous of becoming Institutional Member.
    7. After a person/organization is duly elected by the Executive committee, the General Secretary shall send a letter informing the concerned person/organization about the admission.

Article - VII

Termination of Membership

  • 8. person/organization shall cease to be a Member of the Society if his/its name is removed from the register. The name of the person/organization shall be removed from the register by the Committee:
    a) on the death of a person, or
    b) on his/its resignation. The resignation of any Member from the Society shall be in writing addressed to the General Secretary and shall be ccepted by the Committee provided he has paid up all his dues to the Society, or
    c) if his/its subscriptions are in arrears for two years and he has not paid in spite of a final notice regarding his dues from the General Secretary or Treasurer.
    9. The membership of any Member may be terminated for other reasons which the Council may deem sufficient by votes of not less than two-thirds of the Members thereof present at a special meeting called for the purpose or at the Annual General Meeting. The Member concerned shall have a right to explain his conduct and the General Secretary shall acquaint all the Members of the Council with his explanation. He shall have the right to appeal to the General Body, if he so desires, but in this case he must inform the General Secretary of his desire to do so within a month of the receipt of the decision of the Executive Committee.
    10. If a Member whose name had been terminated previously under Section 8(c) seeks election without disclosing this fact and is elected erroneously as a new member, his election will be considered null and void.

Article - VIII

Reinstatement of Members

  • 11. In all cases of termination of membership except as under Section 9, the Member may get himself reinstated by the Committee provided that: in cases under Section 8(b), after paying the prescribed fee again; in cases under Section 8(c), after paying the two years subscription in lieu of arrears.

Article - IX

Privileges of the Members

  • 12. Each Member shall have the right:
  • a) To attend the General Body Meeting of the Society and to vote on all issues. The Student Members will, however, have no voting right.
    b) To receive a copy of the statement of accounts, reports, bulletin and Journal of the Society, if any.
    c) To use the Society's library and room, if any, set apart for the purpose.
    d) To attend and take part in scientific meetings, lectures and demonstration of the society.
    e) To enjoy such other privileges of membership as may from to time be conferred on Members by Rules and Bye-laws of the Society

Article - X

Responsibilities of the Members

  • 13. A Member whose name has been entered in the Register is obliged to accept the Rules and Bye-laws of the Society and follow them. No one shall be absolved on the plea that he has not received a copy of the Rules and Bye-laws of the Society.

Article - XI

Year of the Society

  • 15. All Members (except Life Members) of the Society shall pay their annual membership subscription to the Treasurer of the Society. All payments will be made in favour of "Indian Society for Medical Statistics".

Article - XIII


  • 16. For better attainment of the aims of the Society, the Members of the Society shall, whenever possible, group themselves into separate branches styled as Regional Branches of ISMS.

Article - XIV

Affiliation with other Societies or Bodies

  • 17. The Society may affiliate or be affiliated with any other national, foreign or international organization engaged in the promotion of Medical Statistics.
    18. Regional branches, if any, shall not affiliate or be affiliated with any other organization, unless the Society is affiliated with the later.
    19. Organizations affiliated by the Society, shall pay an annual subscription, which shall be equivalent to Institutional Membership subscription prescribed by the Society. Society shall pay membership subscriptions to international organizations of which it is a Member.

Article - XV


  • 21. It will be consisting of the following five office bearers:
    a) President
    b) President - Elect
    c) General Secretary
    d) Treasurer
    e) Editor

Article - XVII

Powers and Functions of Executive Committee

  • 22 (a) The Committee may meet for transactions of business as and when it deems fit. Fifty percent presence of the Committee's Members will form the quorum, provided that it includes President and President-Elect. General Secretary will be the Convener of all such meetings. Every matter will be decided on consensus basis and in case of any controversy, by the majority vote. In instances of equality of votes, the President (in his absence President-Elect) shall exercise his second vote or casting vote.
    22 (b) The Committee shall be entitled to act with the authority of the Society in the furtherance of the aims and objects of the Society.
    22 (c) The Committee shall take a decision, based on the recommendations of the Award Committee and Fellowship Committee, on the names of the persons to whom Fellowships, Awards and Prizes of the Society are to be conferred in the year. This decision of the Committee will be considered as final
    22 (d) The Committee will have powers to appoint or remove salaried personnel of the Society.
    22 (e) It will continue to work, despite any vacancy that takes place in between.
    22 (f) In case of any casual vacancy of any office-bearer, the Committee will have power to fill the same on ad hoc basis, which will be regularized after the ratification by the Council.

Article - XVIII

Composition of Executive Committee

  • 23. The Council shall be composed of the following 12 Members of the Society:
  • a) President
    b) President - Elect
    c) General Secretary
    d) Treasurer
    e) Editor
    f) Immediate Past-President
    g) Immediate Past-General Secretary
    f) Immediate Past - Treasurer, and Four direct Members elected by the General Body of the Society at its Annual General Meeting.

Article - XIX

Powers and Functions of Executive Committee

  • 24(a) The Council will normally meet for the transactions of business once in a year during annual conferences. However, special meetings, if necessary, may also be called. A meeting of the Council at which a quorum is present (see Part III, Section 16) shall be competent to exercise all or any of the functions of the Council. All questions arising at any time of the Council meeting shall be determined by majority of votes. In case of equality of votes the President shall exercise a second or casting vote.
    24(b) The decision of the Council of the Society in all matters pertaining to the Society shall be final, subject to ratification by the General Body at its Annual General Meeting.
    24(c) The Council shall be entitled to at with authority of the society in the furtherance of the aims and objects of the Society and transaction of any business or financial matter that may arise.
    24(d) The Council shall have the power to appoint sub-committees and fix their terms of reference as and when necessary. Any such sub-committee may co-opt as Members thereof, such persons who have experience in matters to be dealt by it. Any Member of the Society may be co-opted as member of a sub-committee. The Chairman of each sub-committee shall be elected by the Council.
    24(e) The Council shall have power to constitute a Nominating Committee to recommend to the Council, the Society's office-bearers and Council Members.

Article - XX

Casual vacancies

  • 25(a) The Council shall have power to finalize, based on Committee's recommendations, vacancies occurring in its Members during its terms of office. Such Members shall hold office only for the remaining period of the term.
    25(b) In normal circumstances, an office-bearer shall give three months notice of his desire to resign.
    25(c) Office-bearers of sub-committee must inform the President and the General Secretary if they are unable to serve for any length of time. In such a case, alternative arrangements will be made by the Executive Committee.

Article - XXI

The Journal of the Society

  • 26. The Society may publish a Journal, which shall be managed by the Journal Committee. The Editor shall enter in a Register all books sent for review and other journals and a list of the same periodically to the General Secretary. The Editor shall be responsible for the accounts of he Journal Committee and the books and journals in his custody. In addition to this, he Society may also publish a Bulletin.

Article - XXII

Amendment to Memorandum, Rules and Bye-laws

  • 27. Amendment to the Memorandum, Rules and Bye-laws of the Society may be made at the Annual General Meeting after adequate notice (not less than 30 days) is given. Any amendment to be carried, shall have at least two-thirds majority of voters attending the meeting.
    28. Resolution for amendment shall be very precise and may be proposed by any Member of the Society who shall inform the General Secretary of his desire to do so and send him a copy of the resolution for consideration by the Council. The resolution shall be sent to the General Secretary not less than 30 days before the Annual General Meeting.

Article - XXIII

Nominating Committee

  • 29. There shall be a Nominating Committee, appointed by the Council, to suggest names of office-bearers and members for the next term to the Council. The General Secretary of the Society shall invite nominations from the Members for every vacancy in the Council, well in advance.
    30. It will consist of three persons - a chairman (Convener) and two Members. Its tenure ordinarily will be of three years.

Article - XXIV

Assets after Dissolution

  • 31. In the event of dissolution or winding up of the Society, the assets remaining as on the date of dissolution shall under no circumstances be distributed among the Members of the Society. The same shall be transferred to another charitable society, association or institution whose objects are similar to those of this Society.