Memorandum of the Society

Article - I


  • The name of the Society shall be "Indian Society for Medical Statistics' (ISMS in abridged form), hereinafter called the "Society" and its activities shall extend to even outside India.

Article - II


  • To promote and advance the discipline of medical statistics including medical computing.
  • To propagate principles of medical statistics in different areas of medicine, health, population and related disciplines.
  • To formulate and advise the standards of education and training for medical personnel in medical statistics and to recommend adequate teaching facilities for the purpose.
  • To promote research in medical statistics.
  • To deal with any matter relating to medical statistics concerning the country and to do all other things as are cognate to the subjects of the ISMS.
  • To safeguard the interest of medical statisticians and other members of ISMS.
  • To promote ethical standards in the practice of statistics in medicine.

Article - III


  • For the attainment and in furtherance of the above aims, the Society may:

  • Hold annual conferences and periodic scientific meetings.
  • Print, publish, translate, sell, lend and distribute information whether in the form of a periodical, journal or books, monographs, treatises or pamphlets and distribute the same among its members/non-members.
  • Publish annual reports of the Society and from time to time special bulletin.
  • Advise the Government and other bodies on various aspects of medical statistics including legislative, administrative, educational and research aspects.
  • To co-operate with professional and other bodies in the advancement of medial and other sciences including joining other national or international societies.
  • Purchase or acquire on lease or otherwise any movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society.
  • Sell, improve, manage, develop, transfer or dispose off any such property of the Society.
  • Collect subscriptions and donations; disburse funds for all or any of the aims of the Society.
  • Invest any money of the Society not immediately required for any of the aims in such manner as may, from time to time, to be determined by the Society.
  • Do all such things and matters as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them which are subsidiary to the said aim.
  • Create or assist in creating regional and local branches for any of the purposes aforesaid.
  • Institute, maintain and grant prizes, certificates, awards and other distinctions.